Erasmus project Ka101,


We are a small school called Pompeu Fabra, located in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. We are developing the Erasmus + 2016-1-ES01-KA101-024482 project. It is based on learning a foreign language through drama, since our aim is to reinforce the communicative approach towards English language learning.  Moreover, we are coordinating the Erasmus + 2016-1-ES01-KA219-025674_1 project, called 3 2 1 ACTION as well, which is mainly based on drama.

Last summer we were trained in Glottodrama methodoloy. This method, on top of using drama as an educational tool, was conceived to overcome the most common problems related to the acquisition of oral skills in foreign language learning. The main idea was to challenge some long lasting and deeply rooted prejudices or pedagogical mistakes: the confusion between "language competence" and "communicative competence", the separation in language learning between verbal codes and no-verbal codes, the overvaluation of written work and grammar study, the undervaluation of an active role of the students in the learning process and the lack of creativity and use of imagination in many class activities. 

We adapted this methodology to our context and used some cooperative learning strategies (group working). We applied it to our 5th and 6th level students (10-12 years old). After one school year we would like to share with you, reader, some of our products.

Below you will find the structure of a glottodrama unit, the teamwork roles developed by students, two different inputs, one unit rehearsal and the performance of our main play: Cinderella, new version. 

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Didactic Unit Structure
Teamwork roles

The curious student, didactic unit development

Language contents: to have, present simple and 3rd sing person, adjectives, likes and dislikes 

Cinderella new version (performance)

All play chapters were worked on and developed following the didactic unit structure.